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Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger – Personal GPS Tracking

Let’s face it, satellite phones can be expensive.  A Personal GPS Tracker is a great alternative option–available with affordable plans.

There are all sorts of Personal GPS Trackers available that fill the gap.  OK… you can’t make a phone call with them, but you can still get in contact with people with the cheaper options.  Some allow two way SMS, but again, they are not in everyone’s budget.


Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker Reviews

The best Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker reviews are those from people whose lives were saved because of this inexpensive satellite communicator.  Take a look at this wonderful story.


Offering inexpensive satellite communication at an easily affordable price


The cheapest option anyone has is one of the GPS Personal Tracking options such as the Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker.  This is the cheapest and simplest unit you can get on the market.  We have decided to feature this Personal GPS Tracker and Messenger because it offers real value for money to our customers.


Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker Map of SOS Rescues

Take a look at how many people have been rescued because

of the Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker 

Enthusiastic Spot locator reviews are already visible online and it is no surprise to us.  The Spot Gen 3 Personal GPS Tracker sale prices are excellent and the annual subscription is easily affordable by everyone.  IT is no wonder this has proven to be a success among trekkers and explorers and anyone who ventures out in the outbacks.


Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker what is is and what does it do?

The Spot GPS Locator is a one-way communicator with four buttons.  One is for tracking.  Another button is for an OK Check-In message.  Another button is to get a helping hand… and finally, the last button is the SOS button for when things get serious.


So, all you need to do is to pick the right button to push, and the preset message gets sent to predetermined recipients.  The hardest part is setting up those numbers, and that is also pretty simple (a bit like putting a contact entry into a phone).


The Spot Gen3 Personal GPS Tracker is not just a GPS locator it is a satellite communicator

The personal GPS tracking functionality of this device is great. 

Depending on your chosen “plan” you can either have GPS tracking every 10 minutes (for up to 24 hours) on the basic plan, or a more flexible option at down to every 2.5 minutes if you are really serious about your tracking. 

This means people you care about can see exactly where you are (or were two and a half minutes ago!) in pretty much real-time!

It is a very simple, cheap, easy to use unit that is perfect for hiking, trekking, walkers, bike riders … anyone who is going to be away from a vehicle in areas without mobile coverage… and they are not only cheap to buy, but they are also quite cheap to run as well with just a one-off annual fee.

Spot Gen 3 Specifications and technical information.

Findmespot has produced the most compact, robust and easy to use GPS Tracker and Satellite communicator  The Gen3 weighs only 114 grams and it is tiny.  87 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm in dimension.

It will fit easily in a pocket or securely attach to your belt.  It is rated water and dust resistant. Findmespot are renowned for manufacturing easy to use products packed with features and inexpensive to buy.  

You can download a Spot Gen3 User Manual on this link below:

Other products by Findmespot the manufacturers of the Spot Gen3

Findmespot is a dynamic and creative manufacturer of GPS Satellite Tracking devices and Satellite Communicators.  You can view all their other products here:

Buy your Spot Gen3 from Safecity

We have more than 16 years experience in satellite communication and we know exactly what works well in Australia and other regions of the world.  

Not all satellite companies offer the same coverage and services, so ask us before you buy anything satellite.  

We will try to get you the cheapest Spot Gen3 price and Spot Gen 3 Subscription.

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